Paws and Promises: How to make your USSB Wedding Pet Friendly!

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January 17, 2024

Ahoy, pet-loving couples getting married at USSB! We’ve got some tail-wagging news for you – your beloved fur babies are welcome to join the party of a lifetime at your wedding! At USSB, we’re all about embracing the unconventional, and what could be more delightfully offbeat than having your pets play a starring role in your nuptial extravaganza?

Picture this: an owl as the best man? Believe it or not, we once had a groom who was an animal trainer at the Natural History Museum, and he proudly included the wise old owl he raised from a hatchling in his wedding party. Talk about a hoot of a celebration!

Now, if you’re contemplating turning your wedding into a veritable pet parade, here’s a bit of advice on how to make your special day seamlessly blend with your furry friends.

Frequently Asked Pet Wedding Questions

Before you embark on this adventure, let’s address some pressing questions about including your pets in your wedding. Should you include them? While the desire to have your pet at your side is undoubtedly heartwarming, consider factors like your pet’s comfort in large crowds or aversion to bow ties. If the stress is too much, opting for a pet sitter might be the kindest choice.

Fur-tastic Decor and Details

For those who can’t bring their pets to the ceremony, fear not! Much like sprinkling confetti, you can infuse your wedding with pet-inspired details that showcase your four-legged friend’s personality. From stationery like invitations and cocktail napkins to cake toppers, signature drinks, and even cookie wedding favors, the possibilities are as boundless as a dog’s enthusiasm for treats. Let your pet’s spirit shine through in every little detail!

Capturing Precious Moments

Can’t have your pet attend the ceremony but still want to capture the magic? Enlist a pet sitter for a special photoshoot during the wedding weekend. Imagine heartwarming pictures with your furry friend that will forever commemorate the love-filled day. Another clever idea is to include your pet in pre-wedding engagement photos, creating a stress-free environment with fewer people around.

Paw-sibilities for the Wedding Day

Deciding where to include your pet on the big day is a crucial decision. USSB is pet-friendly, and we’re all for turning your wedding into a veritable pet paradise. However, before you unleash the hounds or let the cats out of the bag, it’s essential to get permission from USSB on your paw-some plan. Consider hiring a pet sitter for the wedding day. is a fantastic resource for finding local sitters who can ensure your pet feels loved and cared for while you’re busy with your celebration. So, let’s make sure USSB can say “I do” to your pet’s presence by getting the green light on your fur-tastic celebration plans!

So, dear USSB lovebirds, whether you’re considering a canine confetti moment or a feline-filled feast, remember: your wedding is as unique as your love story, and there’s always room for a paw-sitively charming addition. Let the fur-flinging festivities begin!

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