Candle Magic: Illuminating Your USSB Wedding with Flair!

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January 17, 2024

Ah, the gentle flicker of candlelight – the romantic touch that can transform any moment into pure enchantment. Planning your USSB wedding? Why not dive into the world of candlelit wonder to add a touch of magic to your celebration! But hold the phone, lovebirds, because not all candles are created equal. Strap in for a journey through the pros and cons, the do’s and don’ts, and the downright fabulous ways you can light up your special day.

The Candle Conundrum: LED or Conventional?

First things first, let’s talk candles. The USSB wedding team knows that creating the perfect ambiance is key, but we also want to avoid any fiery fiascos. When it comes to candles at USSB, we provide two Gothic oil candelabras on the Chancel of the Sanctuary that we will light for your ceremony. These make a beautiful background with or without your floral arrangements. And for your Reception, USSB will provide shallow glass bowl vases for our courtyard fountain and add water for you to fill with floating candles or flowers if you like. But if you have dreams of lighting up your ceremony and reception even further, you have two approved options: LED candles or conventional candles in hurricane lanterns.

LED Candles:

The safe, flameless wonders that mimic the warm glow of real candles without the risk of turning your dream day into a blazing inferno. Ideal for worry-free ambiance, especially if your romantic vision involves a breeze. Multiple LED candles can often be turned on with the help of one remote, and extinguished the same way.

Conventional Candles in Hurricane Lanterns:

For those craving the real deal, we say, “Bring on the drama!” Just remember, to keep things ship-shape, the flame needs to dance beneath the top of the hurricane lantern – a rule we abide by to ensure safety reigns supreme. We ask that you make sure that the height of the candle does not exceed the height of the hurricane lantern that contains it- easy peasy!

Pros and Cons – Shedding Light on Your Decision

Pros of LED Candles:

  • Safety first – no risk of fire.
  • Windproof, perfect for outdoor affairs.
  • Endless glow without melting away.
  • Some candles can be operated at the flick of a switch-in multiples!

Cons of LED Candles:

  • Some say they lack the same warm ambiance as real flames.
  • No wax to drip dramatically onto the table (for those who love a bit of chaos).

Pros of Conventional Candles in Hurricane Lanterns:

  • That authentic, mesmerizing flame.
  • Wax dripping for those who like a little mess (in a controlled, artsy way).

Cons of Conventional Candles in Hurricane Lanterns:

  • Keep an eye on that flame height – we’re aiming for romance, not fireworks.
  • A gust of wind can disrupt your best intentions and have you re-lighting often.

A Symphony of Candlelight: The USSB Wedding Orchestra

Ceremony Serenade:

  • Line the aisle with LED candles for a magical path to “I do.”
  • Hurricane lanterns on pillars add a touch of elegance to the altar.
  • Use our oil candelabras in your wedding ceremony- just ask your wedding attendant to make sure they are lit!

Reception Rhapsody:

  • Create a centerpiece masterpiece with LED candles in geometric holders.
  • Hang fairy lights and intertwine with hurricane lanterns for an ethereal vibe (LED only)
  • USSB’s glass bowls can hold water and float candles, turning the fountain area into a floating candle. wonderland.

Final Note: Let the Flame of Love Burn Bright

Whether you opt for the modern charm of LED candles or the timeless allure of real flames, let the USSB sanctuary be the canvas for your candle-lit symphony. It’s time to shed some light on your love story – with a touch of magic and a flicker of flame, your USSB wedding will be nothing short of enchanting!

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