Love in the Limelight: Nadia and Angel’s Cozy Elopement at USSB

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February 5, 2024

Hey there, love enthusiasts! Picture this: a sun-kissed day, a charming sanctuary, and two crazy-in-love souls ready to say “I do” in the most epic elopement ever. We’re spilling the tea on Nadia and Angel’s whirlwind romance at the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara (USSB). Get ready for smiles, giggles, and a dash of magic in the air – because this is one elopement that’s about to steal the show!

Meet Nadia and Angel, the dynamic duo who decided to ditch the wedding drama and dive straight into marital bliss. After six years of couple-hood and two years of engagement, they thought, “Why wait any longer?” And let’s be real, who needs the stress of a big wedding when you can have an intimate party for two?

A Chat with Nadia:

We sat down with Nadia, the bride with the infectious smile, to spill the deets on their elopement adventure.

Q: Tell us about your love story, Nadia”

I was born and raised in New York the age of 11, Angel was born and raised in Los Angeles. We met in a church band in 2017! Angel was a guitarist and I was a singer. We became close friends and fell in love pretty quickly. It was us against the world from the very first date. We are already pet parents to two dogs and a cat, but we are excited to start a family in the next couple years. We are still living in LA, but our hearts are open to wherever life may take us, as long as we’re together! Our plans are to dream together, raise babies together, and to grow old together. Some may call it the simple life, but to us it would be a dream come true!

Q: What made you decide to elope instead of having a big wedding?

“We didn’t want to waste another day not being married! It just made sense, so we took the plunge, and guess what? No regrets!”

Q: How long did it take you to plan your micro-wedding?

“We pulled it off in three weeks flat. It was a bit of a whirlwind, but hey, everything fell into place like magic. Pro tip: Give yourself a bit more time – 6-8 weeks if you can swing it.”

Q: What did you find most appealing in doing a small wedding?

“We loved the cozy vibe. It felt like it was just us two in our little love bubble. Our guests were feeling the magic too.”

Q: How did having the intimate size of your wedding add or subtract from your experience of the day?

“Oh, it totally added to the vibe. It felt extra special having our nearest and dearest there, watching us go from ‘just dating’ to ‘forever hitched.’ Plus, it was all very personal, romantic, and totally intentional.”

Q: Any advice for brides planning an elopement/micro wedding?

“Just go for it and don’t look back! Your relationship is the star, so make it the priority. And listen to your heart – it’s usually got the best playlist. Oh, and pray if that’s your jam. Worked for us!”

Q: Any unexpected perks from having such a small wedding?

“Beyond the dreamy ceremony, our dinner party with everyone was a blast! Having all our faves at one table, celebrating our future – now that was something special.”

Q: Anything USSB could have done to make your experience better?

“Joanie was a superhero, sorting us out even during the holiday hustle.  We and all of our guests and us drove to the venue from Northern California, and descended on the USSB restrooms and their workroom to change and get ready, which we really hadn’t asked about ahead of time.  The workroom is really intended just for the bride and groom, so – just a heads-up for future brides to think about, as you might not want your guests and attendants coming and going while you’re trying to get ready in a smaller space.

It’s a (Micro) Wrap!

Nadia and Angel’s USSB elopement is more than a love story; it’s a masterclass in keeping it real and making the most of every moment. So here’s to love, laughter, and the incredible journey of two souls who said “I do” their way. Cheers to Nadia and Angel, the real MVPs of love!

Big Love – Small Wedding!

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